About Glendale Farm

The dream for Glendale Farm began 25 years ago out of a need for safe ponies for four children who wanted to ride and show ponies. Our first Connemara pony showed up quite unexpectedly as an older 3/4 bred gelding son of Marconi, Rosehill’s Cinnamon.

He was a gift in every way. He safely carried all four of the children through every discipline of horse showing and general pony duties. He was an angel in a pony suit and thus began our quest for other perfect Connemaras. Thanks to a “tip” from Donna Duckworth we found and added another solid citizen in Tre Awain Abigail Adams. After all, there were four children.

In 1995 we bought Glendale Farm in the Shenandoah Valley and began our breeding program. The children were all grown but each had retained their love for riding and for these wonderful ponies. And there were future grandchildren to consider. Our plan was to find the best individual mares and breed them to exceptional stallions -- to raise Connemara ponies that were handsome as well as good performers who love people. And we are really happy with what has happened in our breeding program.

Glendale Farm has purebred Connemara ponies from the old Aladdin line, from his son Aladdin’s Denver, from the “*Rocky” line and from an imported Irish stallion. We have Connemaras of all sizes, personalities and capabilities but every one of them loves people and would make a wonderful partner for anyone needing a pony friend.

In addition, a couple of years ago we added some big thoroughbred and warmblood mares and have upsized our pony herd. Now we can offer big Connemaras that can carry anyone anywhere a “pony” needs to go.